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EUR/USD Rises as Fed Keeps Stimulus Intact

ForexBlogger @ July 31, 2013 # Comments Off

EUR/USD climbed today as the Federal Reserve did not mention stimulus reduction. What is more, the central bank hinted that accommodative policy will remain for a long time. Most of today’s data was good though, sugg…

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larrygreenberg @ July 29, 2013 # Comments Off

In a week crammed with meaningful data releases and press conferences at the FOMC and ECB, Monday was uneventful in both respects. The dollar advanced 0.6% and 0.5% against the Australian and New Zealand dollars.  Otherwise, the U.S. currency rose…

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Next Week

larrygreenberg @ July 5, 2013 # Comments Off

Central banks in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, and Serbia have scheduled intrest rate policy meetings in the week to July 12.  FOMC minutes, the ECB Bulletin, and the Bank of Japan’s monthly econom…

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Bernanke Bombshell Plus a Week

larrygreenberg @ June 26, 2013 # Comments Off

The impact on the dollar lingers even though the Fed’s provocatively hawkish message has been tempered by the subsequent comments of other Fed officials and by today’s revised first-quarter U.S. GDP estimates.  At this hour, precisely …

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Bernanke Press Conference Leaves Me with an Unsettled Feeling

larrygreenberg @ June 19, 2013 # Comments Off

I’m a fan of the Fed Chairman.  Under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, his policy instincts contributed critically to the United States weathering the past decade in better shape than other developed economies, meaning faster growth,…

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EUR/USD Sinks After FOMC Meeting

ForexBlogger @ June 19, 2013 # Comments Off

The Federal Open Market Committee ended its two-day policy meeting today. FOMC did not change its monetary policy, but said that it looks like the economy is improving. Such view suggests that the Federal Reserve may reduce its stimulus …

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An Eagerly Awaited FOMC Message

larrygreenberg @ June 19, 2013 # Comments Off

The FOMC statement will be released in less than two hours, along with new forecasts.  The previous statement on May 1 caught the market’s attention with the addition of a sentence saying, “The Committee is prepared to increase or redu…

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Mostly Marking Time Ahead of FOMC Revelations

larrygreenberg @ June 19, 2013 # Comments Off

The recent trend toward a firmer yen got a boost from Japanese trade data.  The yen touched overnight highs of 94.82 per dollar and 127.04 per yen, but the net appreciation against the U.S. currency from Tuesday’s close was only 0.2%.  …

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All Eyes on the FOMC

larrygreenberg @ June 18, 2013 # Comments Off

Whether, when, and by how much to taper quantitative stimulus is the question of the day, as the FOMC meets on the first day of a 2-day meeting.  Creating even more uncertainty, President Obama while attending the G8 summit indicated that Chairman…

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Shifting Expectations about the Fed Support Equities

larrygreenberg @ June 17, 2013 # Comments Off

All the market talk over the past month about the Fed tapering quantitative easing had seemed premature, and as the FOMC meeting on Wednesday now draws near, investors are dumbing down their expectations for such a signal.  Share prices as a resul…

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